PinupFiles.Com Issue #104, featuring 250+ retro gals of the past, is back online once again. We’re also very lucky to have it sponsored by our good friends over at PinupsOnFilm.Com which has one of the largest libraries of vintage pinup negatives in the world. So now, not only can you look at these fabulous retro and vintage ladies on our site, but you can actually see them digitally re-mastered from the original negatives! PinupsOnFilm.Com


PinupsOnFilm.Com owns one of the largest collections of original negatives of all the great, classic busty pinup babes we’ve been featuring here at PinupFiles all these years. Check them out now!

a01.jpg a02.jpg a03.jpg a04.jpg
a05.jpg a06.jpg a07.jpg a08.jpg
a10.jpg a11.jpg a12.jpg a13.jpg
a15.jpg a16.jpg a17.jpg a18.jpg
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a016.jpg a017.jpg a018.jpg a019.jpg
a022.jpg a023.jpg a025.jpg a027.jpg
aa001.jpg aa003.jpg aa004.jpg aa005.jpg
aa006.jpg aa007.jpg aa008.jpg aa012.jpg
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a001.jpg a002.jpg a003.jpg a004.jpg
a005.jpg a006.jpg a007.jpg a008.jpg
a009.jpg a010.jpg a011.jpg a012.jpg
a013.jpg a014.jpg a015.jpg a016.jpg
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