The basics: I'm a model, burlesque performer, web designer and makeup artist. 

I'm spokesmodel for Pinup Girl Clothing and I also model for several other companies. The newest company I am working with is Bibian Blue from Barcelona, they make exquisite corsets.. just wait till you see the pictures! I also work with my favorite corset company in the US, 'Jupiter Moon 3 Corsets'... and I will always be in love with Morgana Femme Couture corsets, I was very sad when Morgana moved to the UK but that just means I have to wait a bit longer for my corsets! Anyway, I managed to fill up this section just talking about corsets.. I LOVE CORSETS! 

I just modeled for Pleasers new Burlesque line of shoes 'Bordello', you can find me on the cover of the catalogue! I was very excited to model this line, I have a giant shoe fetish, well not giant shoes, but GIANT LOVE for shoes! At one point I had over 365 pairs of heels! My next project is to build up my collection of sexy, tall boots!

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