My dear Fetish Friends
My name is Sarah and I welcome you on my website. I am a 50+ Business Lady which likes to show off in front of a camera. When you are lover of erotic Female Feet, Foot Fetish, painted Toenails, Nylons, High Heels, Stockings, Pantyhose, Legs, Garterbelts, Glamour Feet, Milf and Mature Pictures, Female Domination, Bondage and BDSM, Golden Shower, but also in Tits, Lesbian content, Butts, Ass, Hardcore and Adult content and more - you have found the right place to enjoy and I welcome you in my legsworld area.

More than Feet
is the motto of my website. It was originally designed only for feet, which created the name GoldenFeet. But over the years there have been more and more request from my fans to see more of me. Today you find pictures all around me - and as member I show you really my last secrets. There are many close ups which fill your screen - and I am sure that you have not seen pictures like that.

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