My name is Emily Marilyn. I was born and raised in Riverside, California. I am a 100% Cali girl! I grew up shopping at the Tyler Mall. Hung out at the Canyon Crest Towne Center. Vacationed every summer with my family at Clear Lake in Northern California - we had a nice ski boat. I learned to water ski during those years. I took up tennis at 9 and cross country running by 12. I liked running a lot because it’s a solitaire sport. No team effort involved! I’m not really a “Go Team” type of gal ;-). I pretty much stayed in cross country throughout my high school years and even have a few medals from all my hard work. I’ve always been interested in fitness and to this day work out 4-5 times a week either at the gym with my trainer or I take a moment and jog up in the Hollywood Hills. I’m always in black and hot pink workout clothes with my blood red nails.
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