think it is now time to tell you a little more about myself:                               

My name is Stella (for all those of you that might have overlooked this up untilnow...). I would describe myself as a tolerant, happy and open minded young woman. At the same time I am eccentric, moody and I like
to dominate. Do not get me wrong, though, I am NOT a professional
mistress. I love extravagant, feminine fashion. I probably differ
from many otherwomen in the respect that I love provocative
clothing not only on the catwalk, in films or on photos,
I also love to wear sexy clothes myself. High heels as
well as leather, latex, nylon pantyhose and lingerie are
my all time favourites. My love for fetish wear is not
restricted to my home as I also like to wear my fetish
clothes in public. My lifestyle allows me to show myself
wearing provocative leather outfits in public. Some servile
and generous men who know how to please a woman marvel
at my extravagant appearance and they accompany and entertain
me from time to time
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