Mr. Beckman is an Austrian millionaire who loves sexy girls in sexy bras, panties and stockings. He loves looking up skirts and pantylines turn him turgid. One day while surfing the net he saw Mary and Minnie posing in short skirts, sexy panties and nylons. He used his considerable influence and wealth to contact them.  He made them an offer they could not refuse.  He bought them a very expensive penthouse in the most exclusive district in town.  In return the girls must follow his posing instructions and show off in clothes that make him very, very horny. Which means lots of panties, garter belts, nylons, bras and slips.  He instructs them on lesbian scenes with each other and their hot and horny friends. Mr. Beckman is enjoying his wealth and when he can take time out from his world travels, stops by and has sex with the girls who dance and pose, suck, and fuck him with great delight.

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