Hi there 

Welcome to Elise's Erotic Web. If you're looking for pantyhose clad legs, short skirts and high heels, you've come to the right place. 

My husband and I started taking pictures in shiny pantyhose, and sexy outfits because we enjoyed it. (he likes the look, and I like the attention! :-)Apparently quite a few other people enjoy what we're doing as well! So much so, in fact that, that the free site that was up for a few months just couldn't keep up with demand. Since I started on the web in 1998, we have operated this site with the same purpose in mind....delivering classy, (no biology lessons!) erotic, pantyhose and high heels photos to those who have similar tastes. 

Amongst the highlights of the past few years was being chosen not once, but twice, to showcase my lovely gams in in the world famous Leg Show magazine! 

We hope you enjoy it! 

Hugs n kisses


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